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Lin Joyce


Industry Experience


Writer, Gearbox Software
  • Creates stories, writes and punches-up scripts
  • Joins narrative stakeholder groups in the review and iteration of story content.
  • Focuses on plot development, writing dialogue for voice-over, in-game text for missions, flavor text, and writing for user interface. 
  • Collaborates with mission and level designers, art and sound design, cinematography, and more. 
Managing Editor & Natural Language Engineer, Realpage

  • Wrote, coded, and evaluated complex NLG to populate custom content on websites based on audiences/user.

  • Worked with SEO team to create engaging marketing content and blogs.

  • Reviewed documentation to ensure consistency in application of corporate standards as well as grammatical correctness and readability. 

  • Coordinated with other groups to meet delivery deadlines. 

  • Developed and document process manual and documentation standards.

  • Tracked and research multifamily development news.

  • Supported professional development of writing and editing team to improve quality and quantity standards.

  • Coordinated programs to improve team morale across the remote and main office.

Digital Marketing Lead, Istation



  • Developed, maintains, and tracks marketing campaigns

  • Analyzed and optimized content for effectiveness

  • Recommended changes or new ideas based on performance

  • Conceptualized how content can be used in multiple formats

  • Maintained the content database

  • Sourced content by interviewing internal and external customers

  • Researched tips, best practices, and news through social media

  • Filtered the best material to be shared with audiences




Managing Editor, Five out of Ten Magazine



  • Turns submissions into publishable articles

  • Contributes feature article as needed

  • Promoted the magazine via social media

  • Assists with overall direction of the magazine




Managing Editor, Haywire Magazine



  • Develops brand and product output

  • Manages team of 4 on-staff writers and 4 on-staff editors

  • Receives and responds to pitches from new/guest writers




Program Director, Set For College



  • Designed, develops, and implements tutoring programs

  • Designs SAT and ACT curriculum

  • Manages marketing and communications




National Writing Project Director



  • Creates and maintains partnership with k-12 teachers in 7 counties

  • Develops new strategies for the writing classroom in k-12

  • Maintains affiliations with National Writing Project network

  • Applies for annual federal funding and oversees expenditures


Teaching Experience


Senior Lecturer, the University of Texas at Dallas



  • Instructor of Game Studies

  • Instructor of Digital Content Design

  • Instructor of Introduction to Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication

  • Researcher in Narrative Systems Research Lab



Graduate Teacher, the University of Texas at Dallas



  • Instructor of Writing and Research in New Media


Adjunct Professor, Richland College

Fall 2014


  • Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric


Adjunct Professor, Parker University



  • Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric

  • Instructor of American Literature


Senior Lecturer, West Virginia University



  • Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric 101

  • Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric 102


Graduate Intern, Center for Literary Computing



  • Provider of digital media, interactive experiences, and web design services


Graduate Teaching Assistant, West Virginia University



  • Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric 101

  • Instructor of Composition and Rhetoric 102



PhD in Arts and Technology, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, TX. May 2017


M.A. in English, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV.  August 2010


B.A. in English, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV. May 2008



Proposal Reviewer, DIGRA - 2018

Faculty Member, Narrative Systems Research Lab - 2017-Present

Faculty Member, Pride at UTD - 2017


Committee Member, ATEC Faculty Search - 2017

Graduate Student Member, Narrative Systems Research Lab - 2014-2017


Inaugural Organizing Member, Jam the System Game Jam - 2016


Founding Member, Women in Games Network - 2016


Committee Member, Game Production Lab - 2016


Proposal Reviewer, Extending Play 3 - 2016


Committee Member, ATEC Dean Search - 2015-2016


Graduate Student Representative, ATEC Colloquia - 2014-2016


Treasurer, English Graduate Organization - 2009-2010


Student Representative, Graduate Student Organization - 2009-2010



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